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Case Study: Andy and Theresa

Andy worked over thirty years for the same company, a rare thing these days. So, he came to us wondering what to do about his retirement plan from work. After saving right out of college he quietly let his balance get to the point that it started to bother him. It looked to him like his account had grown to a good number.

He wasn’t rich by any means, but it was a nice enough chunk that it caused some sleepless nights. The stock market was booming. He was investing part of every paycheck. His kids were going to college. But he was worried whether the number in his account was enough, and that any mistake could cause some serious pain. But, in the middle of the sleepless nights it was a different fear that bit. He was laid off. It was time to decide about what was next for himself and his family.

When he and Theresa walked into our office the questions they had were the same that we normally hear from people we see.

Can I afford to retire?

How much longer should I work?

Am I saving enough?

Where should I be saving?

What should I do with the money in the account?

Is the stock market too high?

Should we sell?

Am I paying too much for my investments?

WHAT should I be investing in?

It took a couple of weeks working together with our team before Andy and Theresa settled into a comfortable plan that fit their needs and gave them the best chance to reach their goals. Their portfolio gave them growth opportunity at a price that was within both their cost AND risk budget. Sleeping well at night became the norm.


This process is definitely an investment of time up front, for both of us. It should be. Your future is important.

we want to educate all of our clients before starting any services. If this sounds like what you need, then let's get started and book your 15-minute phone call.