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Charles West


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Charles West began his career as a Financial Advisor in the tough market environment of 2001, gaining hands-on experience in helping people weather the ups and downs of financial turmoil. Based in North Carolina, Charles is appreciated by his clients for providing down-to-earth solutions and understanding for even the most complex financial topics. And as the Senior Change Agent for Endurance Financial he is responsible for leading the highly diverse team of people tasked with delivering solutions for client success.

Charles is also widely known for his hobby of running 100 mile ultra-marathon foot races through some of the most beautiful mountains of North America. He also finds time for his passion for private aviation and is in the process of earning his Private Pilot Certificate. Naturally, all of  this requires a particular skill set in taking naps.

Neil Ellington

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Neil Ellington has worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 23 years, gaining experience with Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, Wells Fargo and Bank of America’s precursor First Union. As a seasoned business consultant and consumer finance executive he is passionate about creating financial independence for all of his clients.

His financial evangelism comes directly from his Great Grandfather.  As the teacher in the proverbial one room schoolhouse in rural Alabama Neil’s Great Grandfather taught his students that you can live separate, but you can’t live alone. From that Neil developed his community spirit and passion for counseling about finance.

Outside the office Neil enjoys mentoring youth by sharing a powerful and compelling story that captures the essence of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide.

Cena Melton

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Cena Melton, Client Service Specialist at Endurance Financial, has a driving interest in serving and meeting client needs with true excellence, has a sincere love for helping others, and is focused on providing the highest level of client service and advisor support. She is responsible for generating and supervising any processes required to manage, transfer, and open new accounts. Cena has spent the majority of her professional career in office management, gaining experience in areas such as organizational development, process management, and technology utilization.

While assisting clients is her primary job function by day, Cena also loves spending time with her family, especially the grandchildren. She also enjoys camping and biking excursions with her husband, Eric.

Melissa Cavanaugh

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Melissa Cavanaugh is the Administrative Assistant at Endurance Financial.  After spending 10 years raising a family and working up to four jobs at a time, ranging from fitness instruction to managing small business offices, Melissa decided that it was time to focus on excellence in doing one job.  As the Administrative Assistant, she is responsible for customer relations management, data integrity, and customer contact tasking.  Providing our customers with timely information is key.

One thing Melissa is truly passionate about outside of the workplace is physical fitness.  Through her business career progression, fitness keeps her grounded.  Lately she has been practicing yoga and running, which keeps her happy and productive at work.

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